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Welcome to Simplicity

When it’s summertime in Texas, there’s nothing better than a day out on the lake, but boat ownership can be a headache. Woody’s Boat Club offers a solution. We take the hassle and expense out of boating. When you sign up with Woody’s Boat Club, we handle all the responsibility of owning a boat. All you have to do is have a good

Joining the boat club is an easy and affordable way to experience the boating lifestyle. Club membership gives you access to our fleet of pontoon boats. New to boating? No worries, we provide unlimited hands on boat instruction. We offer different levels of membership to fit your schedule while providing an affordable boating lifestyle for you and your family.

How it works

Woody’s Boat Club members pay a one time annual club membership of just $1,995.00 with monthly payments starting as low as $169.00.  All memberships are based on a one year program with simple exit requirements.
Our membership provides hassle free check in and check out procedures. Our online reservation system provides a flexible booking schedule that allow easy booking. Need to cancel or reschedule, no problem our system makes it is easy with no fees.
Boat Club Members have access to extended boating hours and seasons.

Once you select your plan, boating is just a click away.

  • Step 1 Make online reservation.
  • Step 2 Arrive at marina at your reservation time.Hop on boat and go!
  • Step 3 Once done, just gas up and return boat to dock.


Premium Plan 

  • Most Common Plan

  • Allows boating 7 days a week 

  • Unlimited boating, No black out dates

  • Water Toys included (tubes, lily pad)

  • Life vest included

  • 4 hour max reservation per booking

  • Towing package included

  • Guest are allowed at no additional cost

$299.00 Month

Standard Plan

  • Most Economical Plan

  • Weekdays ONLY Monday – Thursday

  • Does NOT include weekends or holiday

  • Water Toys included (tubes, lily pad)

  • Life vest included

  • 4 hour max reservation per booking

  • Towing package included

  • Guest are allowed at no additional cost  

$169.00 Month

Boat Club Offerings

Boat Club FAQ’s

Join the Club

Download Form

Joining the Boat Club is easy. Should there be a need to cancel at any time the exit requirements are simple.  All memberships are based on a one-year program.  The membership will continue past the one year anniversary date unless the member provides a 30 day written cancellation notice.

Member authorizes Woody’s Boat Club to collect the annual and/or  monthly dues and any taxes using a credit card we have on file. Member acknowledges that unless a 30 written cancellation notice is given the annual dues and/or monthly fees will automatically be renewed using credit card on file.


Members must be at least 25 years of age and have completed the Texas boaters certification. A copy must be presented to boat club.

After your reservation time boat must be returned ON TIME to dock.  It is your responsibility to refuel the boat at your expense and clean boat for the next member.  Failure to do so can result in termination of membership.

Membership does NOT include damage to boat or equipment. Any damages or lost items will be charged in full to credit card on file.  If credit card cannot be processed it will revoke all your booking privileges until payment is made in full.  Lost items include but not limited to life jackets, anchors, fire extinguisher, and lake map.

All reservations are processed thru our online reservation system.  This will allow flexibility with your bookings.  We do not charge a rebooking or cancellation fee.  ONLY 2 RESERVATIONS ARE ALLOWED IN SYSTEM AT ONE TIME.  Weekend package allows for one booking per weekend.  There is a max of 4 hours per booking.

We can not guarantee 100 % booking availability.

Mandatory 2 hour training is required prior to first boat outing. Failure to comply will delay your ability to book. Example:  If you book and have not completed the necessary training you will not be able to keep that reservation. YOU CAN NOT OPERATE BOAT UNTIL YOU HAVE TRAINING

Only the trained Members are allowed to operate boat.  The member can not allow someone else to operate the boat. Member agrees not use or permit the use of the boat for any unlawful purposes, member will not use boat in a careless or negligent manner, member will not operate the boat under the influence of drugs of alcohol, member agrees to be responsible for all parties on the boat.

Member acknowledges it is his/her responsibility for the safe and proper operation of the boat and for the safety and welfare of other persons, boaters, and passengers.  It is agreed that the member will be held liable for damages  to the boat. Member could be liable for up to $5,000.00 ,depending on the damage.

Member acknowledges the boat must stay within the lake boundaries as shown on map , the boat is not be removed from Lake Lavon.   Beaching of the boat is not allowed. A map of lake and directions will be given to member at time of training.

Member agrees that the boat will not exceed the maximum occupancy and weight limitations as stated on boat.

Pets are not allowed on boat.

Member acknowledges that life jackets must be worn at all times for passengers under 13.  Coast guard approved life jackets should be worn for tubing, (not the orange vest).  There must be a spotter over the age of 18 when someone is tubing.

Member understands that there is an element of risk and hazards connected with the activity of water sports. And such activity and/or use of equipment may result in injury, not limited to body injury , fractures, partial and or total paralysis, eye injury, ,death, or other serious injuries or disabilities.  I hereby assume all risks and dangers and all responsibilities for any losses and or damages whether caused in whole or in part by the negligence, or other conduct of myself, the owners, agents, officers, employees, of The Woodruff Group LLC, dba Woody’s on the Lake Boat Club or by any other person.

In consideration of The Woodruff Group LLC, dba Woody’s on the Lake Boat Club,, furnishing property to enable me to participate in watersport activities. I hereby RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE, AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE The Woodruff Group LLC, dba Woody’s on the Lake Boat Club its owners, agents, officers, and employees from any and all claim, actions ,or losses for bodily injury, property damage, wrongful death, loss of services or otherwise which may arise out of my use of watersports. I on behalf of myself, my personal representatives and my heirs hereby understand that I am releasing discharging and waiving any claims or action that my have presently or in the future for the negligent acts or other conduct of myself, the owner, agent, officers, or employees of The Woodruff Group LLC, dba Woody’s on the Lake Boat Club.

Member agrees to this acknowledgement on behalf of minors. Member agrees to be personally responsible for the minor(s), and for the minor to follow and abide by all rules and acknowledge that participant is responsible for any damages caused by boat or property of The Woodruff Group LLC, dba Woody’s on the Lake Boat Club.

Member agrees to follow all safety rules and precautions while on or off the boat.

Member acknowledges failure to comply with the terms and conditions  will result in termination of membership.  No refunds will be given for termination and member will be responsible for the monthly payments until the yearly contract ends.

Member Signature_______________________________ Date_______________

Once membership has been cancelled and you wish to rejoin at a later date during the same year. You are still required to pay the annual dues.  Example:  If you cancel membership and few months later you want to rejoin you are still required to pay the Annual membership due of 1,995.00.  The annual membership dues are non-refundable.

By selecting your plan you agree to pay Boat Club the Annual Membership Dues of 1,995.00 and monthly payments depending on the plan you selected.  You authorize Woody’s Boat Club to process the credit card on file.

If credit card is declined and payment is not authorized your reservations will be cancelled and/or will  not be able to make reservations until payment is made.  If this occurs more than once your membership is subject to cancellation.  No refunds will be given.


MEMBER NAME______________________________________ SPOUSE_____________________________


MEMBER PHONE NUMBER________________________________ SPOUSE PHONE_______________________

MEMBER PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT_______________________________________________________________

EMPLOYMENT PHONE__________________________ EMPLOYMENT ADDRESS____________________________

MEMBER DRIVERS LICENSE #______________________________________________________________________

EMERGENCY CONTACT NAME AND PHONE #_________________________________________________________

MEMBER SIGNATURE_____________________________  DATE______________________________